Dealer Verification Process

We maintain two types of wholesale users in our system (user roles):

  1. Stocking Dealer
  2. Nonstocking Dealer

Potential Wholesale dealers signup using the Dealer Signup Form

Among other things the potential dealer must choose which type of dealer they are from a dropdown labeled as Dealer Type

This dropdown is not tied directly to the user role in the system so we must manually change their role once we accept their application.

When they hit submit on the signup form an email is sent to your email address with a short summary with their information.

Two important things are included in the email

  1. Direct link to the user profile with all their wholesale information
  2. Accept / Decline links to immediately take action on their account

You can verify the dealer information by clicking on the user profile link in the email.

You can also hit the "Accept" link in the email that will automatically approve them and assign the "Nonstocking Dealer" role (if they are actually a Stocking Dealer you will need to manually change their role once they are accepted).  If the registration is clearly bogus simply hit "Decline"

Important things to check in in their profile include:

  • Dealer Type they have selected (Stocking Dealer or Nonstocking Dealer)
  • FFL Documentation
  • SOT Documentation
  • Their address/location validity

When you "Accept" a dealer's registration an email is sent to them automatically.

You can review and edit the different emails and their workflow settings via

"Wholesale" >> "Settings" >> "Wholesale Lead Capture Settings"

This area allows for a wide range of workflow tweaks that we can adapt as we grow.

So the main things are:

  1. Verify the Dealer Application Fields in the User Profile
  2. Once you "Accept" a dealer change their user role to match their dealer type


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